Why Not Me?

I read the Mindy Kaling book Why Not Me? She’s America’s Funniest Woman.

At the end she tells readers the secret to success: hard work. You got that right. She earned her success via hard work–and doing it with a smile.

I’m right with her–confidence doesn’t matter–persistence matters. Not quitting, not giving up on yourself or your goals matters more than anything. It even matters more than talent–because a lot of people who have talent don’t use it, so they’ve squandered the gifts they were given at birth.

Mindy Kaling is a natural-born comedian. Like her, I had to work longer and harder to get what I wanted in the face of people who told me it wasn’t possible. She and I know that no one else has power over us–each person living on earth is their own champion. No one else holds the keys to our happiness or our success.

Kaling writes in her book too that thin women–skeletons in clothes–should not be the gold standard we aspire to be. Perpetuating the idea that girls don’t have confidence and need to be given it is a myth Mindy Kaling exposes too

You don’t need confidence. I’ve always believed you just need to persist in taking action in the direction of your goals. Persistence trumps confidence in my book. It’s called getting up every time you fall down and trying again. Doing something different when what you first wanted to do doesn’t turn out to be the right thing.

Here’s to you, Mindy Kaling! Read her book–she’s a national treasure.


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