Pretty Happy

The latest book I’ve read in one day is Kate Hudson’s Pretty Happy.

I’m not a fan of books that celebrities write extolling their latest incarnation as a lifestyle guru.

My prime beef with books like these is that I have a distaste for the fact that a traditional house / that is publisher won’t publish an ordinary person’s great book. Instead readers are treated with a glut of books celebrities write on topics du jour.

You can see from my photo that I have a toned, athletic body and gorgeous face. Yet even I am no fan of seeing beautiful women’s photos in any kind of inspirational book for other women.

Kate Hudson as I did won a genetic lottery in the looks department. That doesn’t signal I want to see her in skimpy clothes throughout her new book about body acceptance.

I give this book *** stars for its good intentions. Yet does a publisher think ordinary women will be enticed to buy this book because a famous person is telling us what to do?

Another flaw to this book is that the questionnaire on body type seems to calculate you incorrectly when you add up the numbers. I’m most likely a Vati body type yet adding up the numbers labels me as a Kapha-a woman with a medium to heavy build and slow movement.

(A guy mistook me for a professional runner one day when I ran like mad to catch an approaching bus.)

The one technique I will use that Hudson details is that of keeping a Drawing Board–a type of journal where you check in every day with yourself about how your body feels and what you’re thinking.

Thus the idea of keeping a Drawing Board is the one resounding Plus of this celebrity book that I endorse.

Other than this it’s sad that a book like this that an ordinary woman might write is not going to get published.

I recommend checking this book out of the library. For a better inspirational book, buy and read Martina Navratilova’s Shape Your Self. Also buy Pamela Peeke, M.D.’s Body for Life for Women instead.

I just can’t help it: I have a distaste for seeing beautiful women everywhere in the media. They were born beautiful so I know they can’t help it.

Still I think: when are we going to see ordinary faces and ordinary women glorified for our expertise and savvy in living our lives as remarkable women?


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