The Coloring Book

I’m reading The Coloring Book by Colin Quinn. The front cover lists this selling point: “A comedian solves race relations in America.”

He skewers stereotypes by daring to say what no one else is. He attacks the P.C. police–who he thinks actually live in suburbs and don’t know what they’re talking about.

I’m glad he makes fun of a topic like this–because Quinn has a gift to make us think as well as laugh.

Sarah Silverman–another great comedian– was quoted in TimeOut NY–“Humor can change people’s minds more than anger.” A truer comment wasn’t ever spoken. You don’t fight hate with hate. You cure it with love and laughter.

Colin Quinn trusses up Italians too–and as an Italian I find this one of the funniest sections of his book. He roasts people of all colors and ethnics equally.

As Quinn would see it–and these are my words–the world’s been bleached of color. His Antidote is The Coloring Book.

Now, I would like to see Quinn make fun of actual racists–which is a different topic for another book.

I stopped doing business with a gym membership director (in 1992) and a real estate agent who were racists. They were a whiter shade of pale. The agent was showing me apartments in 2011–yes you heard that right–50 years after the civil rights movement.

How could that be? I wondered. This person was so hateful that I stopped doing business with her. It would cheer me to hear or read a comedy routine about people like this. Nothing should be sacred in comedy.

For now we have The Coloring Book. Go out and buy it–or at least like I did–check it out of the library.

As someone with a sense of humor that runs in her family and her extended not-blood family, I cheer on anyone who can make fun of what goes on in society. Laughter truly is the best medicine.


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